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Luna Daye is a fantasy author and is currently working on and releasing books across two series: 

An Epic High Fantasy series that follows six characters on either side of a war between kingdoms as they fight for what they think is right, chase their freedom, and seek peace. 

Each book is written from all six characters POV and will be a series of six books. 

Spicy Romantic Fantasy that follows eleven humans who are magically transported to the realm of Ethea, and the relationships they form with the fae who live there. 

Each book is dual POV focusing on a different couple with a guaranteed HEA (couples include MF, MM, FF, as well as trans, ace and non-binary rep) There will be eleven books in this series.

Bookcover Fae's Mate Front RGB.jpg

The Bookish Buddy is an annual reading journal companion, intended to inspire and accompany you on your reading journey. There are four designs to choose from depending on your reading goals. 

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About Luna Daye

Luna lives in North Devon U.K and has been writing stories for as long as she can remember. When Luna isn't writing, curled up with a good book or making TikTok videos, she can usually be found playing video games with her fiancée Becks, walking her pug Dexter, or working on one of her many craft projects.


"A book is a dream you hold in your hands"

Neil Gaiman


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