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The Thoraius Saga

The Thoraius Saga:

An Epic High Fantasy series that follows six characters on either side of a war between kingdoms as they fight for what they think is right, chase their freedom, and seek peace. 

Each book is written from all six characters POV and will be a series of six books. 

Swords and Seers
The Thoraius Saga Book 1

Out Now

“The Border War has torn Thoraius apart.


In Quandria, Prince Soren fights to defend his people from the threat to the West, while attempting to quell his father’s greed, and lust for power. But when a mysterious stranger arrives in his city, he begins to question his loyalties. 


Across the border in Trepia, Caen, spy for the infamous rebel group, The Shadow Guild, is on the losing side of a civil war. The merciless King Holben is executing anyone who dares defy him and his regime. As plans are made to overthrow him, Caen learns of an assassin sent across the border to eliminate the Quandrian King. 


Everyone, is harbouring secrets. As they begin to unravel, and the tides of war start to turn, can those who seek peace truly accomplish it? Afterall in times of war, secrets can be deadly.”


Isles and Intrigue
The Thoraius Saga Book 2

Out Now

"Elarin’s secret has been discovered, she is now being held captive and is at the mercy of the Quandrians. Will she survive their retribution?

As Prince Soren grapples with his conscience, he embarks on a quest to find the ancient weapon hidden at the edge of the map; will he find it before King Holben?

Meanwhile Caen questions his allegiances as they no longer align with the agenda of the Shadow Guild.

After suffering a tragedy, Finola finds herself in possession of something she never knew she had, but will this discovery cost her life?

As war continues to ravage Thoraius, loyalties are tested, and strength is challenged. The fight for peace and freedom grows more dangerous by the day, as those involved not only struggle to succeed, but to survive.

The tides are turning."

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