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The Fated Fae

Spicy Romantic Fantasy that follows eleven humans who are magically transported to the realm of Ethea, and the relationships they form with the fae who live there. 

Each book is dual POV focusing on a different couple with a guaranteed HEA (couples include MF, MM, FF, as well as trans, ace and non-binary rep) There will be eleven books in this series.

Fae's Mate
Fated Fae Book 1

Out Now!

"Just another monotonous day, or so I thought. Little did I know my life was about to change forever.

When the air in my bakery gets hot and heavy, I think I’ve left the ovens on again. But everything starts shimmering and I feel faint. Then the world is consumed by a blinding white light.

I wake in a beautiful autumnal forest, and I am not alone. There are others with me. When a fae Lord arrives and tells us we have crossed into his realm, he takes us in as his guests.

Trapped in a land of magic and secrets that doesn’t feel safe for a human, I have to find a way back through the portal that brought me here.

That’s when I discover the fae Lord thinks I’m his mate. A ‘blessing’ rarely bestowed on his kind.

Now, more than ever, I need to return home, before my heart and body succumb to the High Lord of Autumn Court."

Fae's Freedom
Fated Fae Book 2

Out Now!

"A magical impromptu vacation in the fae realm? What could possibly go wrong?


Most people would be pretty upset to discover they had been pulled through a magical portal by fae, but not me.  


I’m an adventurer, a free spirit, travelling is in my blood. So, when I’m presented with the opportunity to explore Ethea, home of the fae, I’m all for it.


A small group of us venture south to Summer Court. With its long stretches of golden sandy beaches, crystalline aquamarine waters, and warm climate, I’ve never felt more at home.


Then I meet him; The High Lord of Summer Court. With huge, feathered wings, dreamy golden eyes and muscles for days, he’s absolutely mouth-watering. There’s just one problem. He also thinks I’m his mate.


Do I reject him and cling to the freedom and independence I crave? Or will I trust my heart to a man I’ve just met? And have I finally found a place I can call home?"

Fae's Freedom
Fated Fae Book 3

Out Now!

"It’s me. I’m the reason we’re all stuck here.


When our group of humans were suddenly transported to the fae realm of Ethea, we didn’t know why.  The High Lord of Autumn Court told us his brother was responsible for opening the portal, though no one could fathom why he would risk something so dangerous.


Turns out the reason he opened the portal was to pull through his mate; the one he is destined to be with, as chosen by the Fates.


He believes his mate to be me.


Some of the other humans are definitely not happy to be stuck here. Will they blame me now? Even though I didn’t ask for any of this. I just want to go home!  

I decide to avoid the fae who brought us all here until he has regained enough of his magic to open another portal and send us back.

But the Fates, it would seem, aren’t done with us yet…"

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