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Bonus Honeymoon Chapters for the Fated Fae series

Fae's Mate ( Seki and Taylen)

Taylen I have travelled the forest road to Summer Court many times. But never with my mate. With Seki riding beside me, the reds and oranges seem brighter, the lilt of the songbirds sweeter. Glancing to my right at the resplendent woman beside me, my heart stutters. She rides confidently beside me, atop a russet mare. When we left Autumn Court, she insisted on ‘appropriate riding attire’ and, being my mate, I can deny her nothing. I am glad I agreed, because now she straddles her horse wearing dark brown riding trousers, which cling to her slender legs and make me want to lose myself between her thighs. On top she is draped in a loose maple red shirt which compliments the creamy tone of her skin. As we pass under a beam of sunlight, it brings out the chestnut hue in her black hair, her elegant fae ears poking between the silk soft strands. Truly, I am the most blessed of fae. Seki nudges her horse closer, her thighs almost brushing mine. “You’re staring,” she chides me playfully. “I am but a fae admiring his mate,” I protest. Her gaze slides to me, warm brown eyes sparkling, and I give her my most charming smirk. She blushes slightly and rewards me with a gentle smile, before shaking her head and pulling her horse away slightly. It is the fourth time she has scolded me such. It is a couple more hours before my captain of the guard draws his horse up beside me. “We should make camp here for the night, High Lord,” he explains. “Very well,” I agree. Our group draws to a stop, and I hear the two humans with us, Amber and Riley, sigh with relief. I swing my leg over the saddle and jump easily to the ground. Leading my horse over to Seki, holding my hand out to assist her. She takes it and hops gracefully from her horse. Keeping one hand on the reins, she wraps her other arm around my waist and leans in, resting her cheek against my chest. I stroke her hair and gently kiss the top of her head. “Are you well, my mate?” I ask her quietly. Questions pass between us easily now, but it is sacred, something I share only with her. “I am now,” she tells me with a content sigh. I chuckle as I hold her close for a moment longer. It has not been a week since she accepted the bond, yet already it feels as if she has always been by my side. Time without out her is now a gloomy distant memory. It doesn’t take long to set up camp, as my guards are proudly efficient. The cluster of tents surrounds a small campfire, where we all sit to enjoy our evening meal. We eat the last of our travel rations, as we will arrive in Summer Court tomorrow, and it is the most bountiful meal of the journey so far, so our group is in high spirits. When everyone has finished eating, one of my guards pulls out a lyre and strums a gentle tune for our enjoyment. I recognise him from my ranks, but I did not know he had skill with the instrument. Seki links her arm with mine and leans into me as we listen to the enchanting melody. Her hand lowers to my leg, and she runs her delicate fingers along the top of my thigh. The feather light touch sends a shudder through my body, and I stifle a groan. She continues to stroke me and my blood heats, my pulse quickening. It has been too long since I last claimed my mate. And she knows it. Abruptly I stand. “I take my leave,” I announce to the group, as I hold my hand out to Seki. She takes it with a wicked grin and rises. I lead her away from the fire to our tent. It is not luxurious or large inside, but it does not need to be. The supplies are kept with the guards, so this is just for sleeping… Pulling open the tent flap, I gesture for Seki to enter first. She dips her head, stepping in without letting go of my hand, dragging me in behind her. “Well, that worked better than I thought,” she tells me. I have barely made it inside when she reaches for me, sliding her hands up my chest, caressing my neck and tangling her fingers in my hair. Before I can catch my breath, her lips are on mine, eager and impatient. I release a groan, melting into her touch. Winding my hands around her waist, I pull her closer, pressing her body against mine. When her lips part around a sigh, I ease my tongue into her mouth, seeking hers. She meets it eagerly. Her hands leave my hair, drawing down my body, leaving a trail of heat in their wake, until she reaches the waist of my trousers. She tugs my shirt free and pushes it up my chest, her fingers scorching my skin. I wriggle free from it, tossing it on the floor before reaching for the hem of hers and doing the same. My mate claws at the laces of my trousers, dragging the fabric over my hips and down my thighs. With a chuckle, I lose my balance and tumble to the ground. Lucky for me, the floor of our tent has been scattered with blankets and pillows. I finish what Seki started, kicking off my boots and pulling my trousers down over my calves, discarding them with the rest of our clothing. Clambering to my knees, I pull Seki towards me, eliciting a squeal. I pepper her hip with kisses, keen to feel her skin against my mouth as I unlace her riding trousers. Sliding the fabric down her thighs, my mouth waters. She gives my shoulders a gentle push and I obey, leaning back in the mountain of blankets, propping myself up on my elbows. With a quick lick of her lips, and a wicked grin, she lowers herself, coming to lie beside me. Her hand trails over my stomach, across my chest and up to my face where her had cups my jaw. I lean into her, pressing my lips to hers, my tongue sweeping into her once more, possessive and demanding. Seki moans into my mouth, and I feel her yield to my touch as she leans back, pulling me on top of her. Her hand snakes around my waist as I settle between her legs, my cock throbbing, her thighs gripping me tightly. I kiss along her jaw as her head tilts back. “Taylen,” she sighs. The sound of my name on her lips does something to me, and I cannot contain the growl that claws up my throat. I kiss down her neck, breathing in her scent, my lips brushing against her shoulder. “Seki,” I murmur against her scalding skin. I can feel her breathing heavily, her chest rising and falling, pressing against mine. I can feel the heat between her legs, and I ache to bury myself in her, to sheath myself entirely and claim her. “Wait,” she whispers breathlessly. I rest my head against her shoulder, waiting for her to continue. “I… I think we should wait.” I pull back and look down at her, unable to hide my confusion. “I don’t want everyone to hear us,” she tells me, her voice still thick with lust. “We are freshly mated, Seki, they will understand.” I kiss a trail up her neck. When I reach her ear and lick up the side of it, she gasps, and her thighs tighten around me. “I don’t want to hold back,” she insists. A grumble of protest leaves me as I pull away again. Her hooded eyes are glazed as she looks up at me, longing and adoration mixed in the intoxicating umber of them. I lean in to her ear again. “When I get you all to myself, my pretty mate, I’m going to devour you, and have you screaming my name.” She trembles against me at my promise. With a satisfied smirk, I roll off her, sprawling out on the blankets, willing my disappointment to fade. She is right, of course, but that doesn’t make it any easier. Seki takes a moment to catch her breath, before rolling toward me and curling up against me. I drag a blanket over our lower halves, trying fruitlessly to cover my straining arousal, then wrap my arm around Seki’s shoulder and pull her close. She nuzzles into the crease of my shoulder, her hand sliding up my body, resting gently on my chest. “I can’t wait to have some alone time with you, Taylen,” she tells me, her voice a quiet purr. “It feels like forever since it has been just me and you.” “It has been three days,” I chuckle. “Exactly, forever.” I give her shoulder a squeeze and kiss her forehead, the desire between us easing into something more tender. “Not long now. We will reach Summer Court tomorrow.” Seki nods against me, her finger drawing gentle circles on my chest. The sensation is pleasant and soothing. I breathe deep, enjoying her affection. “I’m excited to see the others,” she admits. “Although I think they are going to have a lot of questions.” “Hmm,” I agree. “I’m sure you will assuage any concerns they have, my wise mate.” She titters as I take her hand in mine and pull it up to my lips, pressing a kiss to her knuckles. We are quiet for a moment, comfortable in our embrace. Outside, the others still chatter, and the fire crackles occasionally. I close my eyes, content to simply lay here holding my mate. “Do you really think the Spring Lord will be able to help Amber?” Seki asks, eventually. “I think he will do all that he can for her,” I reply honestly. “I hope so.” With a soft hum, Seki snuggles into me more, as if she can’t quite get close enough. I cannot help the grin that tugs at my mouth. After a moment, I steal a glance at her. She has closed her eyes, and charcoal lashes fan over her high cheeks. Her breaths are deep and even. I wrap my arms around her, breathing her in, my perfect mate. Closing my eyes again, I let the warmth of the bond spread through me, filling me. I never would have believed—not in a thousand years—that the fates would bless me with a mate. Now she is here. I don’t know how I ever survived without her. She is the air in my lungs, the blood in my veins, the magic that thrums through me. She is everything. “Good night, Seki,” I whisper as I tighten my hold on her. “Good night, Taylen.”   Seki “Does that help?” I ask. Willow nods her head. “Yes, thank you Seki.” I smile at the blue-haired woman, pleased that my words have eased her concerns. It is still her decision to make, but I suppose I have a unique perspective. “You remember what I told you?” she asks with a playful wink. “I do. In fact, I think I shall go find him now,” I tell her, rising from her bed. “If you have any more questions…” “I will ask. Thank you.” With a last nod, I leave her room and head down the hall. After meeting with the High Lord of Summer, I had made it my mission to speak to all the humans. All of them were well, thankfully, still eager to return home, but well. Willow was the last one I needed to visit, and she had some… unexpected questions for me. I answered them as best I could, but she had a lot of thinking ahead of her. Curiosity bubbled in my stomach as I wondered what she would decide. A warm breeze blew through the gossamer curtains that draped the wide white marble archways, toying with my hair and fluttering my bright orange skirt around my ankles. I had worn comfortable riding clothes on the way here, but as we had drawn closer, I had conceded and changed into a flowing autumn gown. Taylen seemed keen to show me off in Autumn Court finery and who was I to deny my mate? My mate. A week has passed since I accepted the bond, and there is still so much I need to learn about fae culture and what it means to be the High Lady of one of the four seasonal courts. Yet it feels… familiar. As if my life was always supposed to end up here, in Ethea, with Taylen. Just the thought of him sends my heart into a flutter, my affection for him even deeper now that I have accepted the bond between us. It pulses inside me, a comforting presence I am never without. My steps quicken as I make my way through the summer palace. I was shown the way to the High Lord’s study when we first arrived, but then ventured off to speak to the others. Now I am eager to return to my mate. When I reach the study, the door is closed, so I rap on it twice and wait patiently. “Enter,” comes a sonorous voice from within. I push the door open and step inside. My mate sits on a chaise, a glass of wine in his hand. His russet eyes light up when he sees me, and my tummy does a somersault. Nearby sits the High Lord of Summer Court. He is a powerful-looking man, sat casually picking from a bowl of olives, his ankle rested on his knee. He is draped in what looks like a toga, which reveals a fair amount of cool, dark brown skin. A gold circlet balances on his brow, complimenting his hair, which has been neatly styled into locs that fall just past his shoulders. His eyes are a warm golden brown that watch me politely as I make my way across the room to sit beside Taylen. Yet it is not his strong features, nor his well-muscled body that exudes power. It is the mighty wings that reach out from his shoulders. Soft white feathers that seem to glitter with a hint of gold. He is the first winged fae I have seen. “High Lady,” he greets, bobbing his head, a gesture that I return. He gestures to a carafe set on the table beside him, but I shake my head. “No, thank you.” As I sit beside Taylen, his hand reaches over and presses to the small of my back. The act is both possessive and tender and sends a skitter across my skin. “I was just telling the High Lord about our journey here,” my mate explains. “I trust it was a pleasant experience for you,” the winged male says. “Yes, I enjoyed it, thank you. Ethea is beautiful. It was lovely to see more of it, though I missed our… privacy.” I cast a glance at Taylen, who is trying not to smirk. The High Lord of Summer lets out a deep laugh. “Ha! Of course, newly mated and having no privacy must be torturous.” I blush slightly, my eyes falling to my lap. Unable to help myself; I reach over and rest my hand on Taylen’s thigh. I do not intend it to be seductive, but affectionate, yet Taylen still tenses under my touch. A jolt of anticipation speeds through me and settles between my legs. Fuck. I clench my thighs and hope the movement has gone unnoticed. “Well, I shan’t keep you any longer. Rooms have been prepared for you, where you can have as much privacy as you wish,” we are told with a cheeky grin. “Tonight, I will hold a celebratory feast in my banquet hall.” “Much appreciated, High Lord,” Taylen says beside me, a picture of composure. He rises from the chaise, taking my hand and pulling me to my feet in one fluid motion. His palm finds my lower back again as he leads me from the room. A few more words are spoken between the High Lords, but I don’t hear them over the thrum of my heart. My pulse flutters as I step out into the hall, Taylen’s touch already sending sparks through my body. His fingers slip between mine as he takes my hand and hastens down the corridor. I am momentarily rendered silent as I watch his shoulders beneath his shirt, and the way his trousers cling to his backside. I swallow, licking my lips, and take a deep breath. “Where are we going?” I ask, knowing damn well. “To our room. I have a promise to keep.” My stomach backflips, and it takes all my effort to remember how to breathe. Then I remember what Willow told me. “I have a better idea,” I tell him. He halts, turning, the look in his eyes feral. His hand slides around my waist and he leans in close. I have to angle my head up to look him directly in his lust glazed eyes. “You have a better idea than having me worship you until you have to beg me to stop?” he asks, his voice molten. My toes curl and my core tightens at his words. “No,” I breathe, “just not in our room.” His eyebrow arches. “Do you trust me?” I ask. “Of course.” “Then come with me.” I take him by the hand and lead him down a wide marble staircase to the foyer of the palace, then out into Summer Court. “Where are we going?” “You’ll see.” I grin at him as I lead him through the city. I follow Willow’s instructions, trying to ignore the visions of what I am going to do with my mate when we reach our destination, and wind through the quaint streets until we reach the ocean. Willow had warned me that the fae of Summer Court were not modest. But that hadn’t quite prepared me for the fact that they did not wear bathing suits at the beach. I swallow hard at the display of skin along the golden sand shore, but do not let it deter me. Keeping a firm hold on Taylen’s hand, I lead him round to the right, crossing the wide paved walkway that runs beside the bay and cross onto the sand. Just as Willow had described, there is a small outcropping towards the far end, which I hasten towards. “Seki…” “Nearly there!” I promise, tugging Taylen behind me. We circle around the outcropping and find ourselves at a much smaller cove bereft of naked bodies. It is far more secluded, as Willow had promised, and I quickly undress. Taylen’s eyes fill with desire as he lunges towards me, capturing my mouth in a searing kiss. I lose myself in it for a moment, sighing at the overwhelming sensations of my mate ravishing me. But this isn’t our destination, so I pull away. “Strip,” I tell him with as much force as my lust filled voice will allow. “As you command, my mate.” I bite my tongue as he peels away his clothing, revealing his gloriously tanned toned body. As I admire his musculature, my breath quickens, and I momentarily forget where I was heading. Taylen turns to face me, his arousal already showing, his chest rising and falling as he breathes heavily. When he reaches for me, I dart out of his grasp and dash into the water. I charge knee deep before turning to find my mate stood bewildered on the shore. “Come on!” I encourage. A mischievous grin crosses his face as he races towards me, splashing through the water. I let out a squeal and head deeper. It doesn’t take him long to catch me. His hand grips my elbow and turns me towards him just as a wave laps at my tummy. “Seki, if I don’t claim you right now…” he growls. “But I have something to show you. Come on.” I wriggle from his grip and dive away from him, swimming out further. The water around me making my magic, lingering just below my skin, tingle. Taylen swims up beside me, his strong body gliding through the water easily. To my right, I see the turtle shaped rock Willow told me about and swim towards it, Taylen in tow. As we get closer, I glance back towards the shore, and as promised, I can see a wide cavernous opening. Without a word, I redirect my strokes. “Seki,” Taylen calls after me. I roll so I am swimming on my back. “Trust me,” I insist before rolling again and swimming faster, the anticipation bubbling inside me. The cave entrance stretches over head fifteen feet or more, a gentle cascade from above creating a curtain of water. I gasp as I swim through, the cool water splashing my head and shoulders. What is hidden behind the waterfall steals away my breath. A little further into the cave is a small, hidden crescent of sand. A secret bay. Small openings overhead allow beams of light to illuminate the space, and the mist from the falls behind me cast the cave in shimmering rainbows. I hear Taylen gasp behind me and turn to face him. “What is this place?” “Willow told me about it… we wanted privacy, right?” Taylen’s gaze pulls away from our surroundings and lands on me. Wonder and desire mix in his perfect brown eyes, the rainbows dancing on his skin. This time when he reaches for me, sliding his hand around my waist, I allow it. His thumb glides over my jaw, his fingers stroking the back of my neck. Without a word, he lowers his head. Soft lips caress mine and I melt into him, my hands finding his hips under the softly rolling waves. I hum with pleasure as his tongue glides over my bottom lip before I open for him, welcoming him. The waves ease us towards the hidden shore, and when Taylen’s feet touch the bottom, he leads me back towards the narrow sandy shore, not letting go of me, not breaking the kiss. When Taylen is knee deep, his hands glide down my body, his touch scorching my skin. He grips me by my thighs and hauls me out of the water. With a squeal of delight, I wrap my legs around his hips, locking my ankles. My hands skim over his shoulders and wind around his neck as I cling to him. I can feel his erection pressing against my backside and a needy moan escapes me. He carries me out of the water, then lowers me back carefully on a flat rock. I’m surprised at how warm it is against my bare skin. “I need you to claim me,” I rasp. “Soon,” Taylen promises, planting kisses down the column of my throat. His lips travel lower, brushing over my collarbone, sending ripples of pleasure through me. He kisses lower still, drawing my nipple into his mouth, sucking on it gently before twirling the tip with his tongue. I writhe against his mouth, already panting. His thumb and finger work my other nipple in tandem with his mouth and I roll my hips, desperate for the friction. Anything to ease the torturous throb between my legs. “Patience, my mate,” Taylen chuckles, trailing kisses down my stomach. “Please,” I beg, but he travels lower, his hands gripping my thighs, pulling them apart. Without warning, Taylen dips his head, parting me with his tongue, licking bottom to top. “Taylen!” I gasp. He does it again. This time, his tongue lingers at the top as he leisurely circles my clit with the tip. My head falls back, and my eyes flutter shut as he laps at me, all the while making low rumbling noises of enjoyment. His fingers slide against my slick center, teasing at my entrance. That’s when I feel the water. A trail moves up my sides, slithering up to my breasts. The beads of moisture gather around my nipples before the water starts to glide and swirl around them. Taylen is using his magic to control the water and the sensation drawing a garbled moan from me. “Please,” I whine, rolling my hips, grinding myself against his mouth. I can feel him smirk before he sinks his fingers into me, and I cry out. They curl deliciously inside me, and I whimper, already feeling my orgasm building. “Come for me, my mate,” Taylen murmurs against my heated, over sensitive skin. I grip his shoulders as the water continues to swirl around my nipples. Taylen’s fingers slide in and out of me, curling to brush against that sensitive spot inside, while his tongue laps in perfect synchronicity against my clit. Pressure builds, tightening in my core, as my legs tremble and my lungs gasp for air. Finally, the pressure bursts and I moan loudly, digging my fingers into Taylen’s muscular back as I clench around his fingers. The ripples recede, and my body falls limp, even as my muscles pulse and contact with the lingering pleasure. Looking up with a satisfied grin, Taylen leaves his position between my legs and prowls up my body. A predatory gleam in his eye. He surges towards me, his lips crashing against mine. I gasp and taste myself as his tongue sweeps into my mouth, claiming me, possessing me. I feel his erection against me as he slides up and down my slit, rubbing himself in my release before finding my entrance. He plunges into me. “Fates,” he groans. “It has been too long since I was inside you, Seki.” He kisses my cheek, the hollow below my ear, the curve of my neck as he thrusts into me. I cling to him, bucking my hips to meet his movements. We fall into a perfect rhythm, and I feel the bond light up inside me. The golden thread that connects us pulses and blooms like the rising sun. Nothing has ever felt more right than being joined like this with him. I suddenly feel overwhelmed with raw emotion. My eyes water as I run my fingers through his hair, the tips still dripping with salt water. I have never felt happier. Never felt more cherished, more loved. Love. That’s what I was feeling. Pure, undiluted love. “I love you, Taylen,” I sob, holding him tightly. He leans back slightly, his expression one of joy and awe. “I love you too, Seki.” I cup his cheek as he lowers his head to kiss me, this time full of tenderness. All the while, his hips still rock against me, filling me in the most delicious way. Pressure starts to build again; I feel it from the tip of my toes to the top of my head. “Seki,” Taylen groans, “My Seki, my mate, my love…” He pumps into me, driving me closer and closer to the edge. I squeeze my eyes shut as pleasure consumes me, setting my body alight. “Taylen!” I scream as I plummet over the edge, exploding with euphoria. Wave after wave of bliss surges through me. My mate shudders, and with a roar follows me over the edge, finding his own release. I cling to him as he rests his head on my shoulder, panting. Both of us waiting for our hearts to stop racing, to catch our breath and for the last few ripples of pleasure to ebb. Minutes or hours later, I don’t know which, we detangle from one another, and Taylen moves to lie beside me. We rest facing one another, propped up on our elbows. Taylen’s chestnut eyes are still glazed as he admires me, causing me to blush. He reaches out and tucks my hair behind my ear before taking my chin between his thumbs and finger, pulling me to him for a gentle kiss. When he draws away, he rests his hand on my hip, his thumb rubbing my still tingly skin affectionately. I run my hand up and down his bicep as I admire the handsome fae before me. “I liked your new magic trick,” I tell him, smiling. He smirks at me. “I thought you would.” I continue to stroke his arm, chewing on my lip. “It gave me ideas.” He grins, then slides his arm around my waist and pulls me against his chest. I press my cheek against him, letting my eyes drift shut. “Well, we have our whole lives to practice magic together,” he tells me, kissing my forehead. I nod, my mind wandering in a post orgasmic haze. Our whole lives. I still haven’t established how long fae live, but from what I gather, it is a long time if they have full access to their magic. My thoughts swim as I imagine a lifetime with Taylen. A lifetime of magic, of lovemaking, of our bond, of love. I grin from ear to ear at the thought. As if hearing my thoughts, Taylen gives me a squeeze and I nuzzle closer. “I love you, Seki,” he whispers and my heart sings, full to the brim. “I love you too.”

Fae's Flight ( Willow and Vias)

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