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Fae's Flight *Author Bundle*

Fae's Flight *Author Bundle*

With this listing you will recieve:

* A signed copy of the paper back (packaged in tissues paper, and sealed with a wax stamp)

* A5 World Map postcard

* Cover art bookmark

* Ribbon and Sun char, book mark

All sent to you in a pretty packaged box 



Book Blurb

A magical impromptu vacation in the fae realm? What could possibly go wrong?


Most people would be pretty upset to discover they had been pulled through a magical portal by fae, but not me.  


I’m an adventurer, a free spirit, travelling is in my blood. So, when I’m presented with the opportunity to explore Ethea, home of the fae, I’m all for it.


A small group of us venture south to Summer Court. With its long stretches of golden sandy beaches, crystalline aquamarine waters, and warm climate, I’ve never felt more at home.


Then I meet him; The High Lord of Summer Court. With huge, feathered wings, dreamy golden eyes and muscles for days, he’s absolutely mouth-watering. There’s just one problem. He also thinks I’m his mate.


Do I reject him and cling to the freedom and independence I crave? Or will I trust my heart to a man I’ve just met? And have I finally found a place I can call home?

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