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Fae's Freedom *just the book*

Fae's Freedom *just the book*

With this listing you will recieve:

* A signed copy of the paper back (packaged in tissues paper, and sealed with a wax stamp)


Book Blurb:

It’s me. I’m the reason we’re all stuck here.

When our group of humans were suddenly transported to the fae realm of Ethea, we didn’t know why.  The High Lord of Autumn Court told us his brother was responsible for opening the portal, though no one could fathom why he would risk something so dangerous.

Turns out the reason he opened the portal was to pull through his mate; the one he is destined to be with, as chosen by the Fates.

He believes his mate to be me.

Some of the other humans are definitely not happy to be stuck here. Will they blame me now? Even though I didn’t ask for any of this. I just want to go home! 

I decide to avoid the fae who brought us all here until he has regained enough of his magic to open another portal and send us back.

But the Fates, it would seem, aren’t done with us yet…


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