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Fae's Mate *Author Bundle*

Fae's Mate *Author Bundle*

With this listing you will recieve:

* A signed copy of the paperback (packaged in tissue paper, and sealed with a wax stamp)

* A5 World Map postcard

* Cover art book mark

* Ribbon and leaf charm book mark

All sent to you in a pretty packaged box!!



  • Book Blurb

    Just another monotonous day, or so I thought. Little did I know my life was about to change forever.

    When the air in my bakery gets hot and heavy, I think I’ve left the ovens on again. But everything starts shimmering and I feel faint. Then the world is consumed by a blinding white light.

    I wake in a beautiful autumnal forest, and I am not alone. There are others with me. When a fae Lord arrives and tells us we have crossed into his realm, he takes us in as his guests.

    Trapped in a land of magic and secrets that doesn’t feel safe for a human, I have to find a way back through the portal that brought me here.

    That’s when I discover the fae Lord thinks I’m his mate. A ‘blessing’ rarely bestowed on his kind.

    Now, more than ever, I need to return home, before my heart and body succumb to the High Lord of Autumn Court.


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